Saturday, 22 April 2017

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power.

I Use Semen in Another World and Live by Relying on Other's Power. [R18]

Author: Ura-Okina

Nakaide Ikuo “naka de iku o” after been bullied at school. He is on his way to home. Where he helped a white cat from Yankees, which was being beaten by them. While running from them, he slipped on a stone stairs and fainted. The cat turned out to be a God.

When I woke up, in a white room there was the white cat that helped by me a little while ago and said that she was a god and I will be incarnated in another world as thanks for helping it. Wonderful cheat ability at the same time? It seems to say that the ability that gave me is to work hard with semen.


  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 01
  3. Chapter 02
  4. Chapter 03
  5. Chapter 04
  6. Chapter 05
  7. Chapter 06 Part 1
  8. Chapter 06 Part 2 
  9. Chapter 07 Part 1
  10. Chapter 07 Part 2
  11. Chapter 08 Part 1
  12. Chapter 08 Part 2
  13. Chapter 09 Part 1
  14. Chapter 09 Part 2
  15. Chapter 10 Part 1

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