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KNW - Chapter 194

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 194: The Beast King’s True Strength

The one who most surprised about Leoward’s transformation was "beast human family".

“H- Hey Leni brother .”


The one who answered to Kukuria is Lenion. Both of them without averting their eyes from Leoward only running their lips.

“W-was Papa before seen like that?”

“….did not.”

"Surely this is the first time seeing his father loosing his temper"

The one who said later was Legurus. But he received damage before is great, so he is still sitting. He only just woke up not long.

"Has Big brother have you seen before?"

"Yes. Just once. It was way back when some Human family entered our territory and destroyed one of our villages. It was that time when angry father become ...... "


".... Human family exterminated. More over, it is dissolved without a trace."

[Gokuri] not only the two the total ring could not help gulp in fear.

"Well, it seems father was not angry at that boy. The boy cornered our father to that point.... The boy who was younger than us."

As he heard Legurus Lenion grit his teeth.

"Chi~tsu, When we all combined our strength together. We cannot even scratch a single wound on our father when serious."

Hiiro may not easily but damaged Leoward and made him serious. Which made him frustrated. More over the one is younger than him.

"It is not outrageous. Further more right now father is barely at lead, don’t be surprised."

"...that guy..."
Legurus smiled wryly as he saw Renion that shook his body with frustration involuntarily.

“Hiiro-sama.... he’s really amazing....”

"Not knowing the two people's mind. Little sister Mimiru was captivated by enemy's (Hiiro's) strength." {TL: right now Hiiro is opponent of fighting her father.}

“He’s so cool... don’t you think Kukuria-neesama?”

" What? Oh , its , Well ...."

With sparkling pure eyes asked Kukuria don't have option but to nod. But, Mimiru with little darker facial expressions , joined her hands together.



“I want both of them would return back safely.”

“Mimiru.... well you are right.”

The same thought of these four haboured by Muir.

“Oji-san, Hiiro-san is strong.”

"Ah, but even Leoward-sama also not still serious. From now on it will become more vigorous."

"Will be okay..... Hiiro-san."

"I do not know , somehow I can not imagine that guy loosing. Whatever we say that guy is non-standard.

Arnold sighed when he saw Muir’s clouded anxious expression.

"Well, I as beast family race I need to rooting for Leoward-sama. Yappa (To be honest), I want him to win."

“...Un.” (nodding Muir)

“Then, let’s cheer for both of them.”


Demon Family camp also were amazed by Leoward's transformation and Hiiro strength had leaked a sigh of admiration .

"It is, truly is Hiiro..... To damage Beast King...."

Demon Queen Eveam was quite impressed by Hiiro’s feat of damaging Leoward to such an degree. Even Marione who was not able to do such a thing, for a 『Humas』 who wasn't even 20 years, it was quite impressive.

"It's of course. If it is Hiiro."

As if her own thing bragging Liliyn was seen by Eveam.

"Oh! As expected of my Mentor! He’s parrying most of the blows of the Beast King evenly."

"No! You’re wrong! That’s not Nikki Mentor but Mikazuki’s Master!"

“What are you trying to say? teacher is my Mentor alone!”

“No, it’s Mikazuki’s!”

“Ey! Both kids just shut up!”

Irritated by their dispute, Liliyn snapped at Mikazuki and Nikki. Making the two of them cower in fear.

“Who owns who you say? That’s easy. I own Hiiro from head to toe. He’s mine alone! You two are just his accessories. Bear in mind your current standings!”

“Boo! Boo!”

“Lies! Lies!”

“Hou, you dare try to rival with me, huh?”

The next instant, Liliyn’s eyes glowed bright red, instilling fear to those who witnessed it especially Mikazuki who cried “Kui~!” as she escaped towards Shamoe for refuge. Nikki, however, didn’t run away, but instead stood still while she got drenched in cold sweat.

“... you want to join them, don’t you?”

“Ma-marione!? W-w-w-w-what are you talking about!”

While Eveam was quietly watching Liliyn’s dispute unfolding, Marione, who was besides her, couldn’t help but tease Eveam.

“But those people are apparently struggling for that boy? You even competed with the Beast King back then...”

“Wawawa! W-what are you saying!?”

Before the start of the fifth round, as Leoward wished for Hiiro to be his, Marione remembered Eveam answered him with the words “Hiiro is mine alone.” .

Based from the appearance of her behavior that time, it was, without a doubt, clear that Eveam harbors considerable good will for Hiiro. That’s why even if Eveam doesn’t admit with this amount of words. It was as clear as day about her feelings for Hiiro as her flustered face turned bright red.

“Ah mou! Let’s stop with this topic! Besides look! The Beast King made move!”

“...As you wish.”

“Ouch! It’s hot! Darn this magma guy!”

Even if Hiiro was dodging Leoward’s numerous high-speed rushes, it’s still necessary for him to keep a distance due to the scattering magma released from Leoward’s attacks.

Not only that, the hot pressure received from their confrontation was rapidly draining his stamina. He could manage to avoid the attacks by reading ahead, but it was pushing too far if he had to keep dodging all the time.

Also, due to Leoward’s transformation, the temperature around them was gradually rising bit by bit, making Hiiro sweat from their confrontation.

“Don’t get carried away!”

After he avoided the attack, Hiiro shot the preinstalled character 『Freeze』, confident that it’ll hit due to Leoward being in the offensive side. The magic hit the target without even moving.

Instantly, the magic took effect making Leoward into an ice sculpture. However, Hiiro was not that confident that it’ll knock him down with this.

In just few seconds, the ice turned from blue to red, melting the residue completely. As he had expected based from the opponent taking on his magic, he judged that this kind of strategy wouldn’t be effective anymore

Leoward smiled haughtily, conveying that such attacks was useless against him.

Then, Leoward rushed towards him once again. His average speed seemed to have increased this time.

Hiiro deemed that he would be in disadvantage if this continues on, so he decided to use one of his preinstalled characters 『Acceleration』. Simultaneously, he unsheathed 《Extreme Slasher》 from his scabbard.


In that split second, he dodged incoming fist, and slashed the blade towards his opponent. However, the trace of his slash disappeared instantly, and returned to it’s former state due to the effects of 《Transformation》.

Leoward then rotated his body and launched a kick to Hiiro.


The katana withstood the attack, successfully repelling the assault. Hiiro rotated his body in preparation for his next attack, but was surprised by the approaching flaming fist towards him.


Hiiro avoided the attack instantly from his position. With the favor of 『Accelaration』, Hiiro was able to prevent receiving the attack head on, although the place he was standing burned to crisp.

After that, they clashed once again, with Hiiro avoiding the fiery blows from Leoward. Although Hiiro could clearly dodged his attacks, as expected, it was taking a big toll on his stamina.

That said, Leoward was also in a similar situation. He won’t let this confrontation continue as it is.


It had been long time since Hiiro heard his voice after they started their intense battle.

“Hou, so the Beast King is still conscious in this state?”

“Kuku… this is really fun.”

“...what a battle maniac.”

“Don’t say that. I can also feel the same with you as we fought. Hiiro... aren’t you enjoying the same way as I am?”

“....who knows.”

“Kukuku... anyway, that Katana of yours, I suppose that’s not an ordinary Katana, huh? If I was in my usual state, I would definitely have lost from being cut by it.”

It was as Leoward said, normally if an ordinary Katana clashes with the magma of his, it should have melted by then. However, the 《Extreme Slasher》 haven’t had any trace of deterioration on it.

“That’s a fine sword. However, that won’t be enough to beat me.”


“That said, I can’t also defeat you if this fight stays as it is.”

Without hesitation, Leoward returned back to his usual form before the 《Transformation》. His face was a little fatigued. It seemed that using 《Transformation》 was quite draining to use.

“Hiiro, this time I will show you my full power.”

“So this fight is going to the next stage, huh?”

“Yeah, so that I can beat you for sure.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere surrounding them changed. The excessive heat from the atmosphere cooled down instantly. The pressure he felt this time was more than Leoward’s blood thirst or his hostility, it was a pure desire. An aspiration to win.

The atmosphere shook as if Leoward’s existence was in control.

Normally, Hiiro would have attacked him already, but stopped himself from doing so as the thought of confronting him poorly could get him in trouble.

(If that’s the case, I’ll use this change to make preparations.)

As he thought so, Hiiro rapidly installed characters into his body.

(Although my MP is still enough... I can’t let my guard down.)

Hiiro anticipated that he would have to use more of his magic after this, he threw several 《Red Honey Candy》 into his mouth to recover his MP.

The candy was digested to his stomach, and felt his exhaustion gradually fade.

(Alright, I’m ready.)

However, all the while Hiiro was preparing himself, Leoward also took their fight to the next stage.

“Hear my wishes….under the sacred contract with my blood…. I now call you thee, Manifest!”

Abruptly, the space between them distorted


A hollow crack appeared before them.

“Cooooooome! Shishi Ligerrrrrrrrrr!”

From the hollow space, a huge lion clad in flames appeared before Hiiro.

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